A golfer's Christmas Wish

A Golfer's Christmas Wish

As I drift to sleep this Christmas Eve Night,

The wish I make is for a long and true flight.

To travel this journey, Santa must bring,

Nine glistening irons stamped: “Karsten Ping”.

My Christmas thoughts are Daly (as in John).

A titanium driver would be right on!

Stockings will be stuffed with golf balls and new white tees.

My swing will become automatic with all the right keys.

While I sleep soundly this clear moonlit night,

My room at the lodge is warmed by the crackling firelight.

Under the stars, through the window awaits,

Pebble Beach and all pars with a one o’clock date.

The course may be tough—sand, wind, big waves set the scene.

I will pull out the one iron to conquer eighteen.

It will be my second shot hit over the sea,

Easily clearing the trap set there for me.

The golf ball lands on the thimble-sized green – heading right for the pin.

It rolls ever so smoothly – oh this could go in!

My walk quickens to see how close I will be.

And I knock the next shot in – an eagle for me!

The final putt was dropped – 68 would be mine,

The best score of my life, oh, how very kind.

Christmas morning arrives; I hope and pray that my wishes will come true,

Merry Christmas to All and Good Golfing to You!

P.S.  If you’re not sure what tomorrow will bring,

Consult your PGA Pro and fix that swing!


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