My daughters golfing journey

My daughters golfing journey

My daughter, Gabriella has been involved with golf since the age of four. She started out pushing the club through the ball to a finish without a back swing. I loved that action and the ball would actually get airborne. In fact pushing to a finish is a great drill for all golfers to take the hit impulse out and develop an on balanced finish. The primary key for me helping her along this journey was to provide the opportunity for her to identifying herself with the game of golf.  Her early years I would only instruct her in the car ride to the course or after the practice at home; always mentioning that is what the pros look like and you are very good at imitating that. Don't ever grab the club of a young person under the age of 7 and swing it with them holding on to the club.That will only deter them from the game.  I also would show her pictures, videos and tournament coverage of the golfers that she can follow and look up to. I arranged meetings with these golfers at certain tournaments which is an advantage of being a professional. She likes Yani, Paula, Michelle and Alexis on the ladies tour and has been able to meet them all. She likes Rickie and his Sunday orange on the men's tour. She wears Puma clothes and has orange tees. She also has had the opportunity to meet Rickie.  This personal association to the game and its golfing stars has made her into a true golfer which I has always quoted as, " She can walk the walk and talk the talk in golf." She knows all the Major's on both tours and where they are being held at. She knows golf. That core base of positive influence has brought her to a point where she knows what she wants not what I want.  These photos and videos will keep track of her progression as she continues her journey with golf.

  • The Hideaway, Palm Springs age 13

    The Hideaway, Palm Springs age 13

  • Downloading age 12

    Downloading age 12

  • Silver Rock, Palm Springs age 12

    Silver Rock, Palm Springs age 12

  • flowing extension age 11

    flowing extension age 11

  • PV with grandpa age 11

    PV with grandpa age 11

    Gabby's biggest fan. Grandpa will be missed

  • Puerto Vallarta's water hazards  age 11

    Puerto Vallarta's water hazards

  • finish age 10

    finish age 10

  • extension age 10

    extension age 10

  • impact age 10

    impact age 10

  • at the top age 10

    at the top age 10

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